Saturday, December 10, 2011

Welcome! And a little bit about moi...

Hello there! Welcome to the often-incoherent ramblings on blatantly superficial topics, penned by yours truly.

By day, I am a <insert incredibly stressful, top-secret profession here>, grinding away and, at times, posing for photos in a lepoard-print sheet of fabric purchased for $1 at Deseret Industries (a Utah thrift store - bargain!). By night, I'm pretty much the same, however with a need to focus on something other than work, hence the creation of this blog (aka the "Sanity Restorer"). The thing is, I absolutely love cosmetics, beauty products, lotions, potions and goop. I spend enough of my (ahem) "disposable" income on pigment-rich beauties, so why not write about it?

My love of all things frivolous stemmed from my mother, who shockingly enough has an even bigger obsession with limited-edition palettes. Growing up, I would watch her create extraordinary looks using absolutely gorgeous colours. I wanted to do that. So, at the age of 20, the fixation started. I was introduced to then-niche/cult brands such as Stila, NARS and the dearly departed Stephane Marais (I am still incredibly bitter that their creme foundation is un-dupeable). I also ventured into the world of cheap-and-cheerful cosmetics and found some gorgeous formulas and shades in lines such as Australis, Face of Australia (is there a theme here...?!), NYX etc. etc. So I am by no means a beauty snob - hey, buying high-street essentially means you're saving money, right?

A few more tid bits, in bullet-point form:

- I've worked in the beauty industry as a freelance make-up artist and cosmetics sales girl (2 different cosmetic houses). I am aware of the bullshit that is peddled to the masses. Everything that I review/recommend/diss on this blog is my opinion, and my opinion only. I've spent my own money on everything I review/recommend/diss. I am NOT a professional (at least, not anymore!).

- I have a big issue with the cost of cosmetics in Australia. Essentially, there is absolutely no reason why high-end cosmetics here are approximately three times more expensive than in the USA. Accounting for higher salaries, import taxes and sales taxes still doesn't even make it close to justifying the exorbitant amounts cosmetics companies here do. I will provide a shout-out to companies who have adjusted their prices to reflect the reasonable cost of cosmetics (here's to you, Kiehl's and Mario Badescu!). Even though I am an advocate of buying local, I do recommend using shipping services to purchase high-end cosmetics from overseas (particularly the USA) if it is significantly cheaper to do so. /end consumer rights rant

- If there's a product out there you think I'd like to try or review, please let me know! As much as I love trawling the interwebs for new and exciting products, there are only so many non-work hours in the day, and I imagine I can only get the tip of the product-iceberg.

So, happy reading! Next post will be a review on products by Sportsgirl, Australis and Urban Decay...

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