Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday blues.

Dearest three readers,

As the festive season draws to an end it is time to take stock of the year, celebrate achievements and attempt to ignore embarrassing poor life choices and mis-speakings (I understand this is not a word - however I am stumped to come up with a verified term for the illogical, non-sequential garbage that spews forth from my mouth and/or fingers).
Identifying non-work-related events of 2011 that I am proud of is suprisingly difficult, so herein lies my first resolution of 2012: put more effort into my home and personal life. Improve my relationships with those I am supposedly close to. Be a better wife, friend, daughter, blah blah blah.... because as it stands, I am pretty poor at these jobs. I am very fortunate in my life to have incredibly supportive and loving family and friends and I shall, nay must, work harder to show them my appreciation.
In terms of personal satisfaction for 2012, I am determined to make it through a semester of my master's. I've got a career goal, and by gosh I am going to make it. I WILL also get a move-on in learning Arabic. Na'am atakallum al-arabiyya! (well, soon)

Here is where I insert the same list of resolutions as every year, including but not limited to:
- lose weight and continue going to the gym regularly (BAD FEMINIST);
- eat better, and by "better" NOT mean better quality cocoa in my high-percentage snacks;
- be a better cook/cleaner/interior designer/decorator/entertainer/minxed-drink maker/hostess etc. etc. I have always wanted to be an example of domestic divinity, but those aspirations have never quite been realised;
- sleep more (not going to happen);
- improve self-confidence (see above); and
- get my musical instrument out from its dusty corner of the shelves and play it without having a panic attack (wishful thinking).

I am also going to change the emphasis of this blog, and have it as "random entries" until I can decide on a direction for it. But never fear! Those random entries will still include blissfully unnecessary cosmetics posts. I would ideally like to post interesting news and opinion pieces and add my own editorial to it, but:
a) my opinion would be drastically ill-informed; and
b) who on earth would want to hear/read it?
I may also add some of my painfully amateur photography and mundane life events. Don't get too excited!

So, dear readers who have now possibly been dropped to two, what would you like for 2012?  I dare you to be the first commenter on my blog! Ever!


  1. It's funny you mention the bit about better wife/daughter/friend etc as it was exactly what I was thinking about myself the other day. I think it was seeing you and realizing that I really enjoy hanging out with you and them I realized that it's easy to let good people slip away. So it's important to make an effort with the people that are important :-)

  2. My dear, it is always a pleasure spending time with you. I hope we can do it more in 2012!
    I think improving our interpersonal relationships is an ongoing challenge. We become pretty complacent, believing that quality relationships just "happen". But they don't. All relationships take work - but the joy and happiness you get out of it make it worthwhile. This point is clearly void in instances of abuse etc., but you get what I mean.

    And snaps to you for being my first commenter, I owe you a mojito!

  3. Ditto Ditto and Ditto... (well except for the dusting off of the musical instrument and the learning arabic bits!)

    It is very easy to be complacent and one becomes rather comfortable in ones rut!

    I know for myself, it is very, very easy (and convenient) to blame a multitude of woes on commuting
    Such as
    * Being too tired to catch up with friends
    * Not wanting to "waste" days off doing "boring housework" and then getting frustrated that my house is never as spick and span as I would like it to be!
    * Rarely wanting to do social things in the city as it would be yet another day of tackling the drive
    * and of course being too tired/not having enough time to go to the gym (mind you I can always find the time to do other things that I would prefer to do!) ;)

    All things I am aware of and hope to work on during 2012!

  4. Cass - commuting is a pain in the arse. Are most of your friends in Sydney? The CC has such am awful public transport system, it's no wonder you're too tired to catch up with people!!


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